About Us

Hello! My name is Michael and this is my personal blog about boxing.
I want to tell you my story and share the idea of ​​creating this blog. Initially I want to say that I’ve been fond of boxing for a long time, I go to the gym, I compete in competitions.

Why did I decide to create a blog about boxing?

 In my spare time I try to watch the fights of eminent boxers, but I ran into the problem that there are very few really good sites on the Internet where it can be done. Many where people are deceived, advertising and non-working links are everywhere. That’s why I decided to create on the Internet a place where people will gather and watch boxing live, share information, give advice, get acquainted with the world of boxing.

Why are not all the bouts on my blog about boxing?

The thing is that the site Boxingthestars this is not a professional portal about sports. I do not have a team and there are no like-minded people who could help me do it all. I do not have so much time and energy to manage to make live broadcasts of boxing in all fights. This is an amateur place where you can just go in, stay and see the fight. I hope that in the future, perhaps, the site boxingthestars will grow into something more and then you can see absolutely all the fights, but so far only as it is. I hope you understand and will not judge severely.

How exactly to look at your blog this or that fight?

It’s all very simple. On the day of the battle, on the corresponding page, I will post a link that will transfer you to the server where the boxing will alreadybe broadcast. By the way, all bouts on boxing will be live and only in good quality. All you need to do is register on this server. After that, you get access to live broadcasts of boxing. Registration is necessary for security reasons. With the registration you should not have any difficulties, just follow the proposed instructions. Thank you.

How can you see the fight in boxing, which ended?

If you did not have time to watch the fight, but really want to do it, all you need is to go to the server where there was a live broadcast and there you can find everything that interests you. If you are not a member of the club (not registered on the server), you will not be able to watch live boxing or a fight that has already ended. You just need to register.

P.S: I think these are the main questions that you might have. I hope this blog about boxing will be interesting and useful for you. To whom it is not difficult, I ask to make reposts in the social networks and to help me in development of site Boxingthestars. I, in turn, will try to spread as much as possible really good fights in the world of boxing. In addition, on the site you will find biographies of boxers, their achievements, upcoming matches and much more. Thank you all for your attention!