Arthur Beterbiev Biography

Arthur Beterbiev is the silver medalist of the World Boxing Championship. In 2008, the boxer began performing at the Olympic Games. At these competitions, he reached the 1/8 finals by losing to strong boxers. However, this did not greatly upset Arthur, since he performed for the first time in this kind of competition. He has plans to win gold.

Arthur Beterbiev was born in 1985 on January 21 in Dagestan. At the moment, he is a professional boxer. From the youngest years he began to engage in boxing. Special influence on this kind of sports was instilled in him by his relatives, since it was from them that they took the example of a youth.

At age 11, Beterbiev began attending a gym. From the very beginning he had a bad relationship with the sport, there were many failures and problems. Due to mass fights and bad behavior, he was repeatedly expelled from the gym, as these were gross violations of the rules. At home, he was always scolded because of his clothes tainted in training. In 2001, Arthur took part in the big competitions for the first time. It was the Cadet World Cup. At the World Championships, the young Dagestan won the 3rd place, showing excellent results. In the beginning boxer, everyone saw excellent abilities and great potential. Arthur inherent qualities such as diligence, perseverance, the desire for victory. All these qualities helped him achieve the title of one of the best Russian boxers. In 2006 Arthur Beterbiev signed a contract with the club “Ring Magnitogorsk”, and then moved to Magnitogorsk. After moving the boxer very much missed his relatives, and especially for his mother.

In 2006, Baterbiev won the European Championship title. In addition, he was among the finalists of the World Cup. In the Russian Federation, he won the title of silver medalist of the Russian championship. In 2004-2005 he was a bronze winner at similar competitions. In 2007 he won silver in the world championship.

The boxer is a graduate of the Moscow School of the Olympic Reserve. In addition, he is a student of the RSUFC. Lives and trains in the capital of the Russian Federation – Moscow. Currently, he performs in the ring at light heavyweight (up to 81 kg). In the sports world was nicknamed the “White Puncher”. The main technique is the right stance. The athlete from Michael Romanchuk is training, he has the rank of the master of sports of the international class. As Arthur Beterbiev himself says, if nothing had happened in the sport, I would begin to practice law.

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