Biography of Callum Smith

He was born in 1990 in Liverpool. He is an undefeated English boxer professional. In 2015, he won the WBC Silver, WBC International in 2013 and 2014, won the EBU European title in 2016, and is also the British champion in 2015-2016 in the 2nd middleweight.
As for the amateur career, then there is almost no information. In 2012, the boxer moved to professional boxing after defeating Dan Blackwell.

As for the final fight, according to Smith, winning the tournament and, as a result, winning the title will be the very first proof that he is the strongest boxer in this weight class. It’s about confrontation with Groves.

“I went to the professionals to prove to everyone that I was the world champion. To date, this is my first priority, I want to become the best and I will succeed. I understand that this sounds very strange, but there is a difference. You can be the world champion, but be on the 6th place in the overall world ranking. I want to be the first and the upcoming victory will allow me to get closer to my dream. After Groves, I will be able to defeat other champions and establish themselves in the ranking. To become the first in the world is my highest goal. I’m a little bit short that the final will not be held in my homeland. It’s not perfect. I thought that the confrontation would be in London or Manchester. All that is happening now, goes a little beyond boxing, but nothing can be done about such circumstances. This is not my decision. All I have to do is fulfill the requirements and do my job well in the ring. “

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