Biography of Eduard Troyanovsky

Eduard Troyanovsky is a boxer professional from Russia, who performs in the ring in the light and 1st semi-middleweight division. He is the IBF World Champion of 2015-2016 and the IBO champion in the same years. In addition, Eduard Troyanovsky is the champion of Asia in 2012-2013 by PABA and the WBO European champion in 2010.

Eduard Troyanovsky is known in the world of sports, like the kickboxer. He is the champion of his native country in kickboxing, and also the champion of Europe. In addition, he is known as a prize-winner of world championships. Both in boxing and in kickboxing, he received the title of Master of Sports. In 2009, Eduard Troyanovsky held his first fight as a professional.

Amateur career Eduard Troyanovsky

Since 2005, Eduard Troyanovsky in parallel with boxing, decided to try himself as a kickboxer and achieved this kind of sport of high results. In 2011, he was recognized as the best kickboxer in the Orel region, Russia.

Professional career Eduard Troyanovsky

In 2009, he made his debut as a professional boxer. He last penultimate fight last July 1 in Moscow, Russia. In a beautiful battle, he knocked out in the 4th round of the experienced rival from Italy Michele Di Rocco. It is worth noting that at the end of the first period Eduard Troyanovsky sent his opponent down. In the second period, the Italian boxer missed a lot, but still kept on his feet and even smacked back a couple of times. However, the victory was for Eduard Troyanovsky.

Eduard Troyanovsky spent his last fight last year on November 27. In this case, the opponent was Carlos Manuel Portillo. This is a professional boxer, originally from Paraguay, who performs in the 1st semi-middleweight division. In the first round, Eduard Troyanovsky sent Paraguayan to a knockout. This allowed the Russian boxer to win the mandatory WBA welterweight contender. As for the upcoming battle, it is scheduled for October 7, 2018. The rival will be a professional boxer from Belarus Kyril Relikh. The fight will be held in Japan as part of the super series. A live broadcast of the Kyril Relikh vs Eduard Troyanovsky battle will be available here.

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