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Mairis Briedis (Latvian. Mairis Briedis; b. January 13, 1985, Riga, Latvian SSR) is a Latvian professional boxer and kickboxer, performing in the first heavy and heavy weight categories. European kickboxing champion (2008). World Champion WBC (2017–2018), IBO (2017), IBA (2013–2015). Champion of the tournament Bigger’s Better (2012)

Mairis Briedis was born on January 13, 1985 in Riga (Latvia). He graduated from the Latvian Academy of Sport Education. Senior Lt. Police.

In November 2013, Mairis Briedis became the first Latvian professional boxer to win the prestigious world title (IBA version).

In December 2014, Mayris Briedis was awarded the honorary title “Man of Europe in Latvia”.

Mairis Briedis began his sports career as a kickboxer, spent more than 80 fights.

In April 2004, Briedis won the Polish Cup international competition in Lublin (Poland), winning the final bout of the Lithuanian boxer Vadim Khromykh, in the weight category up to 75 kg.

In March 2006, during the International Kickboxing Championship of Latvia, Briedis won the gold medal in the category of light contact in weight up to 89 kg. And in the category of low-kick won first place in weight up to 86 kg.

In 2008, he achieved the greatest success in this discipline, becoming the winner at the 2008 European Kickboxing Championship in Varna (Bulgaria) in the full-contact category, in weight up to 86 kg, where he defeated Polish boxer Rafal Alexandrovich in the final.

He started his career as a professional boxer on October 11, 2009, by unanimous decision of the judges of the Lithuanian boxer Raul Racilauskas.

Tournament Bigger’s Better
From 2010 to 2013, he took part in the serial commercial boxing tournament Bigger’s Better, and in the finals of the two stages – in May 2010 (Bigger’s Better 1) and in July 2012 (Bigger’s Better 13) won victories, winning both prizes. finals twice defeated experienced Ukrainian boxer Pavel Zhuravlev. December 14, 2012 in Riga won the Big Final’s Better King 2012 Super Final and became the Bigger’s Better 2012 champion. In 2013, Bigger’s Better held several super-fights and won all of them.

Starting from 2011, I went to the Klitschko brothers boxers training camp about 15 times, being one of the most frequent sparring partners of Vladimir Klitschko, helping Vladimir to prepare for defending WBO, IBF, IBA and IBO champion titles boxer Alexander Povetkin. And in May-June 2013, he was in a three-week gathering with the legendary coach Don Turner (Eng.) Russian. in the United States, and after a training camp in North Carolina, in the same technical knockout defeated American boxer Jonathan Felton. He also traveled to the United States to spar with light heavyweight world champion Sergey Kovalyov.

Winning and defending an IBA championship title
On November 22, 2013, Briedis won his first IBA world title in the first heavyweight title by a technical knockout in the 5th round of the famous Czech boxer Luboš Shudu.

On July 26, 2014, Briedis became the WBC Baltic champion of the Baltic States by defeating Uganda boxer Joey Vegas by technical knockout in the 9th round.

On November 14, 2014, Briedis defended the IBA world title in the first heavyweight by defeating the unanimous decision of the Belgian boxer Ismail Abdul.

Fight with Manuel Charr
August 22, 2015 won a spectacular knockout victory in the 5th round over the famous German boxer Manuel Charr. After the victory over Charr, Briedis immediately rose to 5th place in the rating according to the version of the BoxRec portal – Boxing Records and for the first time in his career hit the world top five best professional boxers in the first heavyweight category (up to 90.89 kg).

Fight with Dani Venter
On February 21, 2016, Mayris fought an experienced South African boxer Dani Venter, in which Mayris defeated his opponent by technical knockout in the 2nd round and won the IBC Intercontinental Champion title in the 1st heavyweight.

Qualifying fight with Olanrevadzhu Durodola
On May 14, 2016, the battle of Briedis took place in Riga (Latvia) against Nigerian boxer Olanrevaju Durodola (22-2, 20 KOs). The Nigerian started the fight well and had the advantage, but later Briedis seized the initiative. In the sixth round, Durodola was knocked down, and in the ninth, after a prolonged effective attack by the Latvian boxer, the referee stopped the fight. In the course of the fight, both fighters were shot one point each for breaking the rules. This fight had the status of the qualifying version of the WBC, and now Briedis will have to meet with the current WBC world champion in the first heavyweight – the British boxer Tony Belleu.

Fight with Simon Vallili
On October 15, 2016, the battle of Briedis took place in Liverpool (England), where the unbeaten 31-year-old Briton Simon Vallili (English) Russian became his opponent. This fight became part of a big boxing show on the 11-thousandth Echo Arena, in the main fight WBC World Heavyweight Champion Tony Belew played against 37-year-old American BJ Flores. The fight was nervous, replete with blows on the back of the head from Simon Willili, but at the very end of the 2nd round, Briedis unexpectedly got a side blow on the right, and Vallili led the ropes, although it didn’t work out Myris – the gong sounded. In the 3rd round, Mairis Briedis hit the liver and Vallili had to sit on his knee, and after several beating punches, to which the English boxer stopped responding, the referee decided to stop the fight. As a result, Mairis Briedis defeated by technical knockout in the 3rd round.

Championship fight with Marco Hook
On April 1, 2017, in a duel for the vacant WBC world title in 1 heavy weight (up to 90.7 kg), he won a unanimous decision (score: 118-109, 116-111, 117-110) of German veteran Marco Hook (40-4-1, 27 KOs) and for the first time in the history of world boxing, he became the first Latvian representative to become the world boxing champion among professionals in the most prestigious version.

Participation in the World Boxing Super Series
Fight with Mike Perez
On September 30, 2017 in Riga, Mairis Briedis successfully defended his WBC world title in 1st heavyweight (up to 90.7 kg). His rival was Cuban Mike Perez. The Cuban boxer worked almost the entire number in the first fight, but Briedis beat well and skillfully used the clinch.

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