Biography of Maxim Vlasov

Boxer Maxim Vlasov

Maxim Vlasov is a Russian professional boxer, performing in the second medium, light heavyweight and first heavy weight categories. Winner of WBC Asian Boxing Council, WBC Baltic in 2nd medium weight, WBC Baltic light heavyweight champion title, and IBO Inter-Continental, WBA International, WBA Continental, WBC Silver in 1- champion titles m heavy weight.

Maxim began his professional career as a boxer in April 2005. In 2014, he won the WBC Baltic champion title in the light heavyweight category. Maxim performed in the professional ring in the second medium, light heavyweight and in the first heavy weight categories. He spent 243 rounds on the pro ring, scored 42 victories – 25 early victories, and suffered only 2 defeats.

His significant rivals were such boxers as: Olanrevadzhu Durodola (27-4) ✅, Vikapita Meroro (28-6) ✅, Denton Daly (17-1) ✅, Rakhim Chakhkiev (26-2) ✅, Ismail Sillah (23-2 ) ✅, Gilberto Ramírez Sanchez (30-0), Isaac Chilemba (15-1-1).

His next-to-last opponent was a Wikapita Meroro boxer from Namibia (28-6). The fight took place on December 21, 2017 in the USK “Krylya Sovetov”, Moscow, Russia. The Russian was supposed to defend the title of the continental WBA champion, but his opponent outweighed the limit by almost 6 kg, so the fight was non-title. In a duel, Vlasov did not allow his opponent to show anything. After a series of strikes by a Russian in the middle of the first round, the African was on the floor and was no longer able to get to his feet in time.

Extreme his fight Maxim held against a strong and experienced boxer Olanrevadzhu Durodola (27-4). The fight took place on February 3, 2018.

Vlasov completely controlled the course of the fight from the very beginning of the fight, but could not knock out the opponent. Maxim quickly felt for the desired distance with his front hand and immediately identified his advantage in speed. He imposed his fight on the African, confidently acted from a distance, and knotted Durodol close up, not allowing him to do anything. The fight was absolutely one-sided. Maxim confidently held the battle and won an early victory.

In the 10th round, Durodol missed a lot of punches, and eventually refused to go to the 11th round. In this battle, Vlasov won the WBC Silver title at the first heavyweight title.

Maksim Vlasov vs Denton Daley

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