Biography of Mikhail Aloyan

Mikhail Aloyan is an undefeated professional boxer from Russia who performs in the 2nd lightest weight category. He is a deserved master of sports of the Russian Federation since 2010, a bronze medalist at the Olympic Games in 2012, twice World Champion in 2011 and 2013, World Cup holder in 2008, European Champion in 2010, and also three times champion of the Russian Federation from 2009 to 2011 inclusive among amateurs.

Amateur career of Mikhail Aloyan

If we talk about the amateur career of boxer Mikhail Aloyan, then there are a lot of achievements. So, in 2007 he became the champion of the Russian Federation, and also the champion of Europe among the youth. Already in 2010 he won four battles at the European Championships, which was held in Moscow. This allowed him to win the European title.

In 2011, Mikhail Aloyan became the third time champion of the Russian Federation and managed to join the Russian national team at the World Championships held in Baku. Mikhail Aloyan is the only boxer from Russia who managed to reach the finals and win the gold medal of this championship. Being the current world champion, Mikhail Aloyan was one of the main favorites in his weight category at the Olympic Games, which were held in London. Here he confidently reached the semifinals, where in a heavy fight he was defeated by the Mongolian boxer Nyambayryn. I won a bronze medal. In addition, it should be noted that Mikhail Aloyan is the owner of the silver medal in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

Mikhail Aloyan’s prof career as a boxer

In 2017, Mikhail Aloyan made his debut as a professional boxer. A little more than in one year he spent four fights, in each of which he emerged victorious. He is the holder of the WBA International title, as well as WBC Silver.

In December 2017, he held the penultimate battle. Contender was a boxer from Nicaragua – Hermogenes Castillo. Mikhail Aloyan won the decision of the judges. 10 rounds were held in Kemerovo, Russia. At the stake was the title of WBA International.

The last battle of Mikhail Aloyan was held this year on February 3. The rival was also from Nicaragua – Alexander Espinosa. This fight was very difficult for a boxer from Russia. Throughout all 10 rounds, the boxer from Nicaragua conducted a serious duel. Here, also by decision of the judges, Mikhail Aloyan emerged victorious. This is his 4th victory as a professional. It is worth noting that all four battles ended with the victory of Mikhail Aloyan by the decision of the judges and they were all with boxers from Nicaragua. Russian boxer October 13, 2018 will have a tough fight with a dangerous rival from South Africa, Zolani Tete. Watch boxing Zolani Tete vs Mikhail Aloyan live stream here.

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