Biography of Noel Gevor (Mikaelian)

Boxer Noel Gevor (Mikaelian)

Noel Gevor Weight category: heavyweight

Date of birth: 09/18/1990 (28 years old)

Place of birth: Yerevan, Armenia

Place of residence: Hamburg, Germany

Country: Germany

Fighting stand: right-handed

Height: 189 cm

Swipe: 191 cm

Fights (record): 23-1, 10 KO

On account of 33-year-old Briedis 24 wins (18 knockouts) and 1 loss.
Noel Gevor is trained by Cuban specialist Pedro Diaz. He is promised a bright future in the first weight class. He is known as a smart and fast boxer with good footwork. He can finish the fight with one blow “, – reported in the message of the super series.

Noel Gevor – Daniel Sanabria (Türkçe Anlatım)

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