Biography of Nonito Donaire

Nonito Donaire – biography and knockouts

From time to time in boxing, as in any sport, there are sensations. April 13, 2013 is a horrible day in the biography of Nonito Donaire and all his fans. The unbeatable champion (defeat in the second duel at the beginning of his professional career does not count, then Nonito was still unknown to anyone Filipino without belts and titles) met with Cuban boxer Guillermo Rigondeau, who was not widely known among professionals. And lost. A beautiful retirement of a multiple champion in several weight categories may fail.

In the boxing biography of Nonito Doneira there were already sensations. However, then he himself created them.

A talented Filipino made his debut in the professional ring in February 2001. For several years he has performed in different weight categories up to 55 kilograms, easily winning and creating sensations. September 1, 2002 – winning the battle for the WBO Asian champion belt, January 20, 2006, defeating Karen Harutyunyan won the NABF North American champion title. And in between, Nonito Doneira’s knockouts brought him one victory after another.

Nonito Donaire vs Vic Darchinyan

At the top of the boxing elite Nonito Donaire hit in 2007.

On July 7, the undefeated world champion in the lightest weight category according to IBF (7th defense) and IBO (6th defense) Vic Darchinyan entered the ring for another victory. The Filipino’s Nonito Donaire, although he had a solid track record by that time, was not considered a favorite in this fight. But the fight showed who is stronger in the world at the time of the fight.

It all ended in the fifth round. Donaire’s strong left hook to the jaw, and an Armenian for the first time ever on the canvas. Attempt to rise – and again fall. Another victory by knockout Nonito Donaire, and the world gets another champion, who soon falls into the list of the best boxers, regardless of weight categories.

Championship titles Nonito Donaire wins one by one. After winning the lightest weight, he moves to the second lightest. And again – the champion (2009-2010) under the WBA version. Then there was the lightest (WBO belt 2011, WBC belt 2011), the second lightest belt (IBF belt, 2012; WBO belt, 2012-2013). Triumphal 2012 was the first time in his biography of Nonito Donaire to receive the title “Boxer of 2012” according to the magazine “Ring”.

The defeat of the Cuban only made him work harder, and soon new contracts were signed.

On May 31, 2014 in China, Doneir met with Vethek Sympive, an African, from the first seconds of the battle both fighters rushed to the attack. The speed, which the boxers showed in series, proved their high level of preparation for the fight, already in the fourth round the Filipino pulled out his opponent with a powerful left hook, the referee opened the scoring, the fight continued and Simpeve survived to the end of the round. Due to the cut received in the first round, which did not allow Nonito to continue the fight, by decision of the judges unanimously with a score of 36-39, the Filipino won the WBA World Super Title.

Nonito Donaire vs Nicholas Walters

The next opponent of Nonito Donaire was a twenty-eight-year-old native of Jamaica – Nicholas Walters, whose record of service is 24 fights without defeat. Nicholas was more technical, dominating the first half of the fight, Walters put an end to the 6th round. After a strong counterstrike in the temple, Nonito could not continue, thus losing his WBA super champion title.

In March 2015, in the Philippines, Nonito Donaire fought a reconnaissance fight against Brazilian William Prada, who won the second round and won the vacant NABF title in the second bantamweight.

Nonito Donaire vs Anthony Settole

On July 8 of the same year, the Filipino met with the French boxer Anthony Settole, from the first seconds of the fight the Frenchman felt powerful attacks on Nonito and already in the first round, strikes to the body twice knocked down Anthony. Exact right from the bias in the second round from Nonito Donaire knocked out Sattoul.

On December 11, 2015, Nonito met with Mexican Cesar Juarez, the Filipino worked as the second number, sharply counterattacking any actions of Juarez, putting the strongest crosses on the opponent’s chin.

With a huge advantage, Nonito Donaire went to victory, sending his opponent to the knockdown in the fourth round, but the 24-year-old Mexican not only withstood all attacks, but also successfully imposed an open exchange of blows to a more experienced boxer, seizing the initiative for several rounds. The Filipino nevertheless kept his composure and became the winner of the match.

The 36th victory, of which – 23 ended ahead of time, Nonito Donaire is considered to be one of the strongest boxers in the lightest weight and is not going to stop at this.

April 23, 2016 Nonito held a successful defense of the title against the Hungarian Zolta Bedak, and in November lost it in a fight with American boxer Jesse Magdaleno.

In September 2017, Nonito Donaire conducted his 38th fight against Ruben Garcia Hernandez, who won on points and won the vacant WBC Silver semi-lightweight champion title.

Next fight Nonito Donaire will lead with Ryan Burnett on november 3, at the SSE Hydro arena, Glasgow, UK.

Full Fight | Jessie Magdaleno vs. Nonito Donaire

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