Biography of Ryan Burnett

Ryan Barnett was born on May 21, 1992 in Belfast to a religious family. The future champion was the middle of three brothers. As a child, he studied at St. Patrick’s School in the Catholic Church near Entrym Road, which connects Belfast and Derry.

Young Ryan began to show his love for boxing at the age of four; later, he begins to conduct the first training session at Belfast’s Kronk Gym. Then he came under the wing of the Holy Family, the hall where Jerry Storey was his mentor. The hall gained fame for uniting boxers regardless of their political or religious views. It sounds strange now, but since 1921 Belfast has been the center of Catholic and Protestant conflicts. The peak of these confrontations occurred in the years 1960 – 1990, and officially ended only in 1998 after the conclusion of the Belfast Agreement.


In the amateur environment, he was in adolescence. In the course of his career, the boxer made a record of 96-4, taking first place in the AIBA ranking among boys. Ryan also won seven titles in Ireland and four in Ulster. In 2010, the 18-year-old Briton showed himself at the World Junior Championships, where he won the silver medal. In the summer of the same year, he won the gold medal at the Summer Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.

Young and ambitious Barnett won various belts, interrupting his rivals. It seemed that the transition to the pros is only a matter of time. But in 2011, the boxer had to interrupt his career due to injury of the lower spinal disc.

“The trauma of this kind for such a young athlete was very serious. For six months, he underwent physiotherapy, trying to get on his feet, ”says a man from the Briton’s entourage.

Before signing with Hatton Promotions, Barnett receives disappointing news from his therapist, who said that Ryan would not be able to box.

“One day I received a phone call from my doctor. He said to me: Sorry, man. You have brain problems and you can’t box anymore.

My whole world just turned over. My career ended without even starting. But my father and I continued to fight for the future and received strong support from the Hutton team.

It took me a whole year to improve my health and prove to the doctors that I am completely healthy. ”

Having overcome all difficulties, the Briton signs a long-awaited contract in early 2012 and already in 2013 holds a debut duel against Laslo Nemesapati.

Hard times

Ryan continued to win victories in the professional ring, earning a reputation for himself. But in 2014, he decides to stop working with the Hatton promotion. After that, for almost two months, the 22-year-old boxer and his father are left without a roof over their heads. For six weeks they lived in an SUV provided by Hutton.

At this time, he is noticed by the famous British trainer Adam Booth, who, having seen the potential of Ryan, takes him under his wing. Since then, a bright streak has begun in his life – fights began to be offered to him, and with them came money. In 2015, Barnett won the vacant WBO European title, and then the British title. In his last battle, the Briton defeats Lee Haskins, taking away the last IBF title.

Next fight Ryan Barnett will lead with Nonito Donaire on november 3, at the SSE Hydro arena, Glasgow, UK.

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