Biography of Tony Bellew

Boxer Tony Bellew

Tony Bellew is a British professional boxer performing in light heavyweight, first heavy and heavy weight categories. Born: November 30, 1982 (age 35). World champion WBC (2016) and European champion EBU (2015—2016) in the first heavyweight. The champion of the British Commonwealth (2010–2011) and the champion of Great Britain (2011, 2012) in light heavyweight.


In 2002–2003, Bellew knocked out all his rivals in the amateur ring. Three times became the champion of ABA. In 2006, he switched to heavyweight where Danny lost to Price.

Number of battles 104
Number of wins 100
Knockouts 68
Number of lesions 4


He made his debut in the professional ring in October 2007. Won the first 12 rating fights, in which alternated weight categories, speaking now in light heavyweight, then in the first heavyweight.

The last but one duel Tony Bellew held on March 4, 2017, in which he met with former world champion in 2 weight categories David Haye. Haye won the first half of the fight due to activity. Bellew was surprisingly good at defending, timely avoiding dangerous attacks, but against the background of an aggressive opponent, Tony was lost and did not finish.

In the 6th round, the picture of the battle changed dramatically. Haye injured the Achilles tendon and was knocked down by the onslaught of Bellew. Hay rose and the rest of the fight was boxed with a damaged leg, fulfilling the role of an already receiving side. In the eleventh round, Haye, having missed several strikes at the ropes, fell out of the ropes. He managed to return to the ring and take a vertical position before the end of the referee’s bill, but then David’s seconds dropped a towel.

On May 5, 2018, Tony Bellew took revenge against David Hay. Victory in the duel by technical knockout in the 5th round was won again by Bellew.


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