Biography of Zolani Tete

Zolani Tete is a professional boxer hailing from South Africa. Performs in the second easiest and lightest weight categories. He is the world champion of 2017 according to the WBO bantamweight title, and also the IBF world champion in 2014 in the 2nd flyweight champion. Zolani Tete has champion titles IBF World, WBF, WBO World, WBO Africa.

Amateur boxer career Zolani Tete

At present there is no information about the amateur career of a South African. Perhaps in the future the article will be supplemented with information.

Professional career Zolani Tete

 Zolani Tete debut as a professional boxer took place in the distant 2006. At this point, the boxer was only 18 years old. The first seven bouts ended in his favor by knockouts. Six of these seven fights ended in the same first round. Already after the eighth fight, he won the world championship according to the WBF version. For all his professional activities, he suffered only three defeats.

If we talk about the significant rivals Zolani Tete, then there were boxers like Tahumil, Juan Rosas (defeat), Roberto Sosa (defeated by him), Arthur Villanueva, and Omar Narvaez.

Let’s look at the track record of Zolani Tete and try to draw some conclusions. Zolani Tete – this is a pronounced, great boxer-puncher. 70% of his fights he finished ahead of schedule. Throughout his career, he met strong rivals, whom he easily passed. In total, he performed 169 rounds in the professional ring. Zolani Tete is a world record holder in the confrontation for the title of champion, he managed to knock out his opponent in just 11 seconds of the 1st round. During his career he has three defeats and all of them are from very strong rivals. After the last defeat, Zolani Tete held 11 fights, in which he always emerged victorious. Of these 11 fights, in seven he won ahead of schedule. In his professional career he has 30 fights, 3 losses and 27 wins. It is worth noting that just in one fight, he himself was knocked out. This is a very good performance for the boxer, which makes him a very dangerous opponent.

The penultimate rival Zolani Tete was a boxer from the Philippines – Arthur Villanueva. The battle took place last April. In this battle Zolani Tete became the owner of the title of world champion WBO bantamweight. The fight lasted for 12 rounds, after which the South African won the decision of the judges. The last battle of Zolani Tete took place this year in April. The rival was the Argentine Omar Narvaez. On October 13, 2018, a fight with Russian boxer Mikhail Aloyan was appointed. The battle will take place in Russia. Watch boxing for Zolani Tete vs Mikhail Aloyan live stream here.


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