Callum Johnson Biography

Callum Johnson was born in 1985 on August 20 – a professional boxer from Britain. He performs light heavyweight, won a gold medal, representing Scotland at the Commonwealth Games, held in 2010 in Delhi. He became a professional after the tournament.

Amateur boxer career began at the local club of his hometown of Boston. At the age of 16 he moved to England. I played 40 times in international matches. Totally spent about 120 fights of which won 95 times. Despite the fact that he was an Englishman, at the age of 16 he played for Scotland. In addition, at a tournament held in Delhi, he was appointed captain of the boxing team.

After the completion of the Commonwealth Games, Johnson decided to move to a professional rank, signed his contract with promoter Warren. Johnson himself said that it was fantastic, to start his professional career under the auspices of Warren, who is a man who helped to achieve the boxer’s dream – to become a full-fledged world champion. At that time, the box became a little choking, stopped at one place and did not develop. And Johnson was able to bring him a new branch of development, breathed life into him and new colors. Mentor Johnson predicted that Johnson will complete the first ten fights by knockouts and after some 3 years will be able to become the world champion in boxing. In December 2010, the boxer made his debut in the arena in Glasgow. Many then said that Johnson has dynamite in his fists, he is frightening and explosive. He correctly and professionally throws his hands and defends himself. This is one of the reasons why fans love boxing so much. The second fight Johnson spent with Jodi Maclel. The fight was held completely in 12 rounds and further was the scoring. The account that night was 40-35 in favor of Johnson. This was the second victory in professional boxing, keeping him 100% winning statistics.

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