How to watch boxing Arsen Goulamirian vs Mark Flanagan

Where and when will boxing Arsen Goulamirian vs Mark Flanagan

October 20, in the arena of the Palace of Sports, Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhone, France, the fight among boxers in the first heavyweight (Up to 90.7 kg) – Arsen Goulamirian vs Mark Flanagan.

Boxing Arsen Goulamirian vs Mark Flanagan live stream.
The percentage of early victories Arsen Gulamiryan KOs 65%. Mark Flanagan KOs Early Winning Percentage 59%
Fight for the Interim WBA World Title in the first heavyweight title.

How to watch boxing Arsen Goulamirian vs Mark Flanagan

On October 20 in France, the holder of the interim WBA title in the first heavyweight and the first rating number Arsen Gulamiryan will defend his title against 28-year-old Australian Mark Flanagan, who last year fought for the WBA title but lost to Denis Lebedev by a unanimous decision.
“Preparing for this fight is much better than when I fought with Denis Lebedev for the champion title. I am confident in my victory and winning the WBA title in France on October 20, ”Flanagan said in an interview with Radio 2BACR.
Note that at the moment the WBA has four world champions in this weight. The WBA Super title is owned by the absolute world champion Alexander Usik, the WBA Regular title belongs to Beybut Shumenov, Arsen Gulamiryan is the interim champion, and Denis Lebedev is in the “champion on vacation” status.

Where to watch boxing Arsen Goulamirian vs Mark Flanagan Live Stream

On the day of the fight, Arsen Goulamirian vs Mark Flanagan, on this page, you can find a link that will be available to boxing Arsen Goulamirian vs Mark Flanagan in live and good quality. All you need to do is to register on the site by clicking on this link. If you are already registered, then viewing the fight of Arsen Goulamirian vs Mark Flanagan will be available immediately.

PREVIOUS “Arsen Gulamiryan – Mark Flanagan”

Arsen Gulamiryan – Mark Flanagan. In this article we will analyze the fight for the title of “interim” WBA champion in the first heavyweight title, which will be held in France on October 20. On October 20, in France, Arsen Gulamiryan will defend the “temporary” WBA title for the first time against the 10 number of the rating – Mark Flanagan. Arsen is 30 years old. Frenchman of Armenian descent almost all battles held in France. In March 2018, he received the right to a title fight against the Belgian – Riyad Merhi. Merhi looked good, but mistakes made led to early defeat at the end of the fight. Gulamiryan became the world champion.

He trains under the leadership of Abel Sanchez and is not going to leave the borders of his country. Big events in the first heavy weight (the first and second season of the super series) pass without his participation. The top boxers of the division box with each other, while in the WBA line is created a real mess. Beibut Shumenov became the “regular” world champion. Denis Lebedev – the champion “on vacation”, who can not keep within the weight limit. Alexander Usik is the only and real super champion who proved his high class victories over the strongest. Anyway, Gulamiryan, this weekend, will hold the first defense of his belt against the Australian – Mark Flanagan.

Mark is 28 years old. He is also among the “home fighters”. Almost all the fights he spent in Australia. In July 2017, he got a chance for a title fight against Denis Lebedev. He boxed with dignity and gave up the decision of judges. Flanagan returned with two wins and was rewarded for the title shot. So, what to expect in battle? Two right-handed. Approximately equal dimensions. The picture of the battle emerges by itself. Arsen will go forward. This is his tactic and he always uses it. Classic boxing school from Abel Sanchez. It can hardly be argued that the champion is fluent in the techniques of cutting corners and total pressure. But at the middle level, it does it quite well and, most importantly, regularly and constantly. Mark will focus on work number two.

He will try to act quickly, with direct blows and not stay after his attacks. Most likely the beginning of the battle will not please the abundance of technical actions. Starting from the 3rd and 4th rounds, the Gulamiryans will add. If he manages to cling to the enemy, then Flanagan will have problems. For the Australian fight in foreign territory. Win a knockout is unlikely to succeed. The champion holds up well, but Mark doesn’t have this blow. Defeat by decision is possible, but the chance is also not great. It is necessary to fight perfectly, but for Flanagan it is difficult. Whatever one may say, there are not many chances for an applicant. In the success of Arsen believe more. I think the champion will win ahead of schedule in the second half of the fight.

My prediction: Arsen Gulamiryan’s early victory in the second half of the battle (6-12 round).

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