How to watch boxing Callum Johnson vs Artur Beterbiev?

October 6, 2018 in Chicago, USA another spectacular spectacle will take place in the world of boxing. In the ring will converge Callum Johnson and Arthur Beterbiev.

Johnson admitted that the victory of the opponent, will be an excellent end to his bad history. The semi-heavyweight has faced family losses and fear for his health. However, the last enchanting victory over Buglioni gave him confidence. “I was depressed and upset, I was depressed and I was already ready to drop my hands and sit on the couch, but I needed something to change and I did it, I regained confidence in boxing. From an early age, I was persistent and purposeful. I dreamed of making so much money that I could just sit on the couch and do nothing. My late father, somehow made me a prediction. He said that, one day, I will fight for the world title. Then I did not attach any importance to these words, but now I understand that this is already very close. I think about it every day. I look at the sky and say, Father, we’ll do it together. This will be an excellent end to this sad story, “commented Callum Johnson.

Not so long ago, Johnson and Beterbiev met at a press conference. Despite the good and stable reputation of Beterbiev, Johnson leaves no hope of victory. “They all tell me how big and strong, technical. However, I am confident that I will be able to defeat him in the ring, because I have a goal and a task that I must fulfill. I have a promise to my father, and this motivates me very much, “Johnson said.
“Do not judge the book by its cover. Let’s be honest. I’ve seen how he fights, I like everything he does, I know what kind of a monster he is, and I perfectly understand who I’m marching into the ring. I bought good climbing shoes to climb this mountain, “Johnson said.

Where and how to watch boxing Callum Johnson vs Artur Beterbiev live broadcast?

English heavyweight champion Johnson will try to challenge the title of IBF champion Artur Beterbiev on October 6, 2018. View this spectacle will be on this blog, which is dedicated to good boxing. On the day of the match you can find here a link to the preview, all you need to do is register by clicking on it. This is security and a formal pass to the closed boxing club. Please note that the link will be active only on the day of the match. If you want to see the record of this confrontation, then you will have to wait for a new fight, and already get access to the materials of the closed club after registration, where you can find the video you need. This blog is only informative and does not force anyone to do anything. I just give you the right information from the boxing world, where and how to watch quality bouts on boxing. Johnson for the first time will challenge the world title. His rival will be an unbeatable Russian boxer, who will visit the United States.

Johnson had 17 fights and all of them ended in victories. As for Beterbiev, he has 12 of them. However, the latter claimed the title of IBF in his last confrontation. Callum Johnson is the current heavyweight champion of England. In addition, Beterbiyev was angry with Johnson’s words, which were uttered: “You have no chance!”. Apparently, we are expecting a real battle, where the champion will be revealed. We are two boxers who are not very active. I know that my opponent has only had two fights in a couple of years. We two have a good amateur experience behind them. However, Beterbiyev has a gold medal in the championship, many think that this is a preponderance in his direction. But I did not go to the championship at all, maybe that’s why my rival has this gold medal. I already fought boxers from Russia, and I won them successfully. I have spent more than 50 fights internationally and I have a huge experience. I think this will help me in this fight.

Johnson also said: “Many fans say that appearance is always deceptive. But here they are wrong. Beterbiev is like an ass, and he is a bad ass. In 2013, my opponent became a professional boxer and he had a record number: 12-0 (of which 12 ended in a knockout). In November, he received the IBF title, beating Coaling in the last round. I just want to say that he’s a puncher, but I’m sure that I will beat him harder. I am sure that in this case I am stronger. ” What will actually happen, we can see only at night, perhaps Johnson will be expensive to pay such sharp statements.

It will be a spectacular battle. Whether it will last for all 12 rounds is not known. We are waiting for a beautiful encounter of two different styles. Obviously, the two fighters are determined, but Johnson is trying in every possible way to pull Beterbiev into a conflict, and the latter is calmly reacting to everything. Which further frightens Johnson’s fans.




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