How to watch boxing Jack Catterall vs Ohara Davies?

When and where will the confrontation between Jack Catterhal vs Ohara Davies?

October 6, 2018 in England at Leicester Arena will be held confrontation between two professional boxers at welterweight. On the one hand, the undefeated Englishman Jack Catterall (22 fights completed with a victory, 12 KOs), and on the other hand he is also confronted by the British Ohara Davies (18 victorious battles, 14KO, one defeat). At the end of the intercontinental super lightweight title WBO. As for the format of the fight, then there is a rule of 10 rounds.

Who are Jack Catterall and Ohara Davies?

Jack Catterall is a promising boxer from Lancashire, 25 years old. Winner of the WBO belt. He acted as a professional boxer in 2012 and from that time has never lost. Known for being a partner of Mayweather in preparation for the fight with Manny Pacquiao. June 30 this year, his last fight with T. McKenna, in which the points came out victorious. By the way, McKenna before defeat from Jack also had no defeats. The new coach of Cutter Jimi Moore, sees in his boxer a huge potential and promised that in the near future, there will be championship fights with the participation of Jack. So far, all the fights this boxer held in England. Jack Catteral is left-handed, height – 170 cm, is wearing the unusual nickname “El Gato”.

Ohara Davies – 26-year-old boxer, is right handed, height – 170 cm, the promoter is Frank Warren. The debut as a professional boxer was held on April 19, 2014. Until last year, a career as a boxer was very good – a series of 15 victorious fights, as well as winning a string of titles, including the WBA title. The first loss was from Scot Josh Taylor. It was a technical knockout already in the 7th round. If we talk about the world ranking of BoxRec, then this boxer takes there 30th place. The last duel ended in a knockout in the 2nd round of P.Kamang. After this fight, Ohara won the title of international champion WBC.

How to watch boxing Jack Catterall vs Ohara Davies?

October 6, 2018, we all have a great show, which will fight Jack Catteral and Ohara Davies. View this fight will be on this blog dedicated to professional boxing. On the day of confrontation, or a little earlier on this page, a link will be available, for a live broadcast of the match. All you need to do is follow the link and register. Registration is an unlimited access to a closed boxing club. In addition, the match will be available in very good quality. Watch boxing Jack Catterall vs Ohara Davies you can from any device: laptop, computer, mobile phone and tablet. I want to note that after the confrontation between Catterall and Ohara, the link will be deleted and is no longer available.

Coefficients for the Battle of Catterall vs Ohara

Almost all bookmakers give a slight advantage to Jack Catterall. The odds were lined up as follows: 1.75 – Catterall’s victory, while Oakhar Davies’s victory – 2.08

Our prediction for the Battle of Catterall and Ohara

Catterall is a typical representative of the battle, where the power style prevails. It is the holder of well-delivered and varied strikes from both hands. The average distance for this boxer is the most usual – with ease is performed as a series, and pulling the opponent under a counter left hand strike. His confidence in the ring is reinforced by every next victory of his opponent.

If we talk about Ohara, this boxer is peculiar and specific. Here we are talking about the execution of jabs (jab with various kinds of variations), and about the rack, and about the movement of the boxer in the ring. It is these non-standard behaviors in the ring that make Ohara a dangerous rival. As a rule, he does not force events (especially if he has a very strong rival in front of him), he likes to conduct retaliatory actions, and it is worth noting that such attacks are much unexpected for the opponent. If we consider his track record, then we can conclude that Ohara has a good knockout blow.

Chances of Oharaa could be regarded much higher, if not for losing in the confrontation with Taylor. In this case, Catterall, like Taylor himself, is left-handed. These fighters have a very similar style in the ring. In addition, Catterall and his coach have already managed to disassemble all Oharaa’s blunders from, and to me. There is a very difficult fight, but Catterall should another line of defeats in the record of Ohara.



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