How to watch boxing Kyril Relikh vs Eduard Troyanovsky?

Poster – boxing: Kyril Relikh vs Eduard Troyanovsky live stream

On October 7, 2018 in Japan, Yokohama, a duel will take place between the boxers by professionals of the 2nd lightweight (up to 58.9 kg) – Kyril Relikh (Republic of Belarus) vs Eduard Troyanovsky (Russian Federation).

At Eduard Troyanovsky, the percentage of early wins is Kos 86%. While at Kyril Relikh this percentage is Kos 79%. It should be noted that this fight will be held within the framework of the world boxing super series. At stake is the WBA World title in the 2nd lightweight division.

How to watch boxing Kyril Relikh vs Eduard Troyanovsky Live Stream?

Boxing Kyril Relikh vs Eduard Troyanovsky, scheduled for October 7, 2018, will be broadcast live on our website. More precisely, on the day of the fight, on this page you will find a link on which a free live broadcast of Kyril Relikh vs Eduard Troyanovsky will be available. I want to note that the link will be active only on the day of the battle, after that, it will be deleted. How to watch boxing Kyril Relikh vs Eduard Troyanovsky Live Stream? The live broadcast will be available in good quality 720p and 1080p. In good quality and at high speed you can watch live broadcast only after passing a simple registration. After that, you get unlimited access to a closed boxing club.

How did Kyril Relikh comment on the fight?

This super series is the tournament in which only the best boxers participate. This is exactly what is needed today’s boxing. I focused on showing my best qualities of a boxer in this tournament. I want to win the trophy of Mohammed Ali. The one who will own this award will become a superstar in the boxing world.

How did Eduard Troyanovsky comment on the fight?

This is a very important challenge, and today I am ready to participate in the super series. I already prepared for this tournament for a long time. Not so long ago, my rival was officially announced, but I already knew this in advance, as I was an obligatory contender for this title. That’s why the results of the draw for me did not become something unexpected.

Each of the champions and contenders for the title has both weak and strong sides. However, only the ring will show and check everyone. Kyril Relikh is a very technical boxer, he has a huge experience in amateur boxing and quite a strong blow. What else do you need to achieve victory? It remains only not to miss the blows. I have only one goal – to win this tournament.

Odds on the fight Kyril Relikh vs Eduard Troyanovsky

In the confrontation of Kyril Relikh vs Eduard Troyanovsky, the bookies stand quite a bit on the side of Kyril Relikh. To win it, bets are accepted with a coefficient of 1.632. As for Eduard Troyanovsky, then the winning factor is 2.53.

Our prediction for the box Kyril Relikh vs Eduard Troyanovsky

In the asset at Kyril Relikh is a ten-year age difference. This can affect if the fight is delayed. In addition, Kyril Relikh has a high motivation – a flourishing career. It is also worth mentioning about the psychological rise after the victorious battle against Barthelemy. Kyril Relikh possesses excellent technique, which was adjusted to professional requirements. He knows how to hold a blow, and he always has several interesting “crowns” in his sleeve (for example: a double hook with his left hand in the area of ​​the liver, followed by a transfer of the blow to the head).

If we talk about the trump cards Eduard Troyanovsky, then there is a knockout right swing, as well as a steady psychology of the champion. A boxer from Russia is not at all profitable for the fight to drag on and last the entire distance. That is why he will make every effort to use the chance for the early termination of the fight.

Kyril Relikh can respond to all this with accented strikes from both of his hands, as well as the high speed of movement around the ring. Rather, all Kyril Relikh will be able to impose his opponent on his style of battle and tire him rounds. If this happens, Kyril Relikh will become the winner by decision of the judges (on points).






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