How to watch boxing Walter Kautondokwa vs. Demetrius Andrade

Where and when will boxing Walter Kautondokwa vs. Demetrius Andrade

  • Date: 10/20/18
    • Fight for the title: World Champion (WBO)
    • Venue: Boston, TD Bank North Garden, USA
    • Weight category: Average weight (up to 72 kg)

How to watch boxing Walter Kautondokwa vs. Demetrius Andrade

Boxing Walter Kautondokwa vs. Demetrius Andrade on the day of the fight will be available on our website. As we previously reported, the WBO world middleweight champion Briton Billy Joe Saunders is deprived of a license and will not be able to fight against American Demetrius Andrade.
As it became known, the British in this fight will be replaced by the second WBO rating number Namibian Walter Kautondokwa. The fight will take place, as planned, at the TD Garden arena in Boston on October 20th, but it is not yet known whether the world title will be on the line.
Recall, a few days earlier, in the body of Saunders was discovered the forbidden drug oxylofrin. As a result, the Massachusetts Athletic Commission decided to deprive the British of a boxing license and not to allow them to fight against Andrade. The WBO has not yet handed down its verdict, but most likely Billy will be deprived of the champion title.

Where to watch boxing Walter Kautondokwa vs Demetrius Andrade

On the day of the fight, Walter Kautondokwa vs. Demetrius Andrade, on this page, you can find a link that will be available to boxing Walter Kautondoca vs. Demetrius Andrade in live and good quality. All you need to do is to register on the site by clicking on this link. If you are already registered, then viewing the fight of Walter Kautondokwa against Demetrius Andrade will be available immediately.

Walter Kautondokwa: I’m ready to knock out Andrade

33-year-old Namibian Walter Kautondokwa is confident that he will not miss his chance on October 20 in the fight for the interim WBO middleweight championship title against Demetrius Andrade. Initially, Andreid had to meet with WBO champion Billie Joe Saunders, but was refused a license because of a positive doping test, and was replaced by Kautondokwa, who is second in the ranking.
“This is a huge chance for me, and I will not miss it,” Sky Sports quotes Kautondokwa. – I trained and one hundred percent ready to come to Boston and add Andrade to the list of knocked out me. I won second place in the ranking, and I’m not afraid of anyone. Demetrius is an excellent boxer, but I know that I can knock out any middleweight in the world, including Andrade. He was preparing for Billy Joe, who relies on technology and does not have a knockout punch. I will become a real nightmare for him. I’m ready to be one of the top middleweight players. ”
American middleweight Demetrius Andrade (25-0, 16 KOs) criticized Briton Billy Joe Saunders (25-0, 12 KOs) after canceling their battle, reports

At the end of September, Saunders passed a positive doping test for oxoxylyphrine, which increases endurance. This week, the Massachusetts Athletic Commission (MSAC) did not issue him a boxing license to fight Andrade.

As a result, Saunders refused the title of world middleweight champion according to the WBO version and intends through court to obtain the payment of the lost fee. Briton faces disqualification for six months.

In his statement, Andrade recalled to Saunders his words about Saul “Kanelo” Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 KOs), who in February fell for clenbuterol and received a six-month suspension. As a result, the second bout with Kazakhstan’s Gennady Golovkin (38-1-1, 34 KOs) instead of the planned date for May 5 was held on September 15 and ended with the victory of the Mexican by the decision of the majority of judges.

“I think that’s what. It seems that Sonders did not want to fight with me, since he resorted to using illegal drugs,” Andrade said. “He carried all garbage to Alvarez. He shouted at a press conference that he would rather die than lose to me. Shouted that I was Khan, and at the same time he used doping to beat me. ”

According to Andrade, he is ready to meet with Saunders in the future if he is clean after VADA checks (Association for Voluntary Doping Testing).

“If Saunders is clean, he will pass the samples from VADA, then I will definitely give him a fight. In the end, I’m interested and want to fight the best of the best. The main thing is that the fight takes place at the right time,” Andrade said.

And how long have you been cheating? Yubenk and Saunders furiously clasped in social networks

As a result, Andrade will meet instead of Saunders on October 20 in Boston with unbeaten Namibian Walter Kautondokwa (17-0, 16 KOs), who will fight for the first time outside of Africa. At stake in the fight will be the WBO title.

“He still doesn’t know the bitterness of defeat, and in the pro it’s not so easy,” Andrade says about Kautondokwa. “But the thing is: I’m the strongest fighter here, which means it’s absolutely not important what I’ll offer Walter!”.

“A doping dream for a boxer.” Former supplier of steroids compared drugs Saunders and Kanelo

We add that on the undercard of the Andrade fight – Kautondokwa, the fourth champion in the pros will be held by Olympic champion Daniyar Eleusinov (3-0, 1 KO), who will meet American Matt Doherty (8-5-1, 4 KOs). The choice of the opponent for the Kazakhstani was commented on by his manager Ziya Aliyev.

Kautondokwa: “I am ready to add Andrade to my knockout record”

As we reported, Namibian Walter Kautondokwa will fight against American Demetrius Andrade on October 20th at the TD Garden arena in Boston.
Walter is sure that he will be able to win a more eminent opponent, and even declares that he will add him to his record in the knockouts column:
“This is a great opportunity for me and I will take it with both hands. I am in the gym all the time and am ready to come to Boston to add Andrade to my knockout record. I earned the second line in the ranking, and I’m not afraid of anyone, including Andrade. I know that I can beat any boxer in the world and I know that I can beat Demetrius.

He was preparing for the technical Billy Joe Saunders, who is not a puncher, but now I will become his nightmare during our duel. I am ready to become the leader of average weight, ”shared Kautondokwa.
It should be noted that Walters held seventeen fights at the professional ring, won all of them and finished sixteen of them ahead of time.


Bookmakers doubt the ability of the African fighter to win the title – bets on his victory are accepted with a factor of 7.1. The success of Andrade is estimated by a factor of 1.07.

Prediction of Walter Kautondokwa vs Demetrius Andrade

Andrade quickly mastered the features of professional style and demonstrates the ability to combine aggression with tactical traps, light “nibble” right jabs with knockout hooks. Long hands allow you to keep an opponent at a comfortable distance for yourself. The blows are sharp, quick, unexpected, performed at different angles, alternating with serial combinations. Amateur school has given good skills in protection and movement. The problem will be an unexpected change of the enemy. In the preparation will have to make adjustments, because The manner of warfare, anthropometry and technical equipment of Saunders and Kauthondokw differ significantly.

Kautondokva can be considered a dark horse – not lit up in Europe and America, there are no test battles with elite fighters. However, he does not look like a whipping boy. Walter moves well, feels a good sense of distance, has a heavy variety of backhands – he likes hooks and uppercuts. Boxer sighted, with no visible gaps in the technical training. Chance, which he unexpectedly presented himself, became a powerful motivational stimulus (African boxers rarely manage to get into title fights, which is confirmed by the Namibian promoter, who was willing to pay for the opportunity to fight against Saunders).

The burden of responsibility, lack of experience, high class vis-a-vis and other people’s walls are arguments that will not allow Kautondokw to win the desired title.












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