How to watch boxing Zolani Tete vs Mikhail Aloyan?

Poster – fight Zolani Tete vs. Mikhail Aloyan

October 13, 2018 in Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation, in the arena of Expocenter will be the confrontation of professional boxers of the second flyweight (up to 52.2 kg) – Zolani Tete vs Mikhail Aloyan.

The boxer from Russia Mikhail Aloyan the percentage of early wins is KOs 0%. While his rival Zolani Tete’s figure is much higher – KOs 70%. Duel Tete vs Aloyan is held as part of the World Boxing Super Series. At the stake of the fight is the title of champion in the version of WBO World (2nd lightest weight category).

How to watch boxing Zolani Tete vs Mikhail Aloyan?

Not so long ago it became known that the boxer from Russia Mikhail Aloyan will compete with world champion WBO bantamweight champion Zolani Tete. This will be the ¼ finals of the second season of the world boxing super series.

Boxing Zolani Tete vs Mikhail Aloyan live stream will be available on our website. On the day of the fight on this page at the top, instead of the timer you will find a link on which the fight will be available in high quality and with good speed. The battle can be viewed on various electronic devices. After the end of the battle, the link will no longer be available. Instead, only the results of the battle of Zolani Tete vs Mikhail Aloyan will be withdrawn.

29-year-old Mikhail Aloyan can boast of his magnificent amateur career, but in professional boxing he debuted only in the past year. As a professional boxer, he managed to hold only 4 fights. So far, the Russian boxer has a 100% record, having won victories over opponents on points. However, this level of the boxer can not be compared with the performance of his rival Zolani Tete, who has 27 fights in his professional career, of which 21 ended ahead of schedule. For Zolani Tete this tournament is a great chance to prove to everyone that he is the absolute champion in this weight category. Many call the African boxer a favorite of this super series, and Mikhail Aloyan approaches the battle in the status of underdog. This is quite understandable, since a huge difference in the professional experience of boxers is taken into account. However, not everything is so bad for a boxer from Russia, since Zolani Tete is not invincible. In his track record there are three losses, and I want to note, one of them is a technical knockout. If Mikhail shows good results and gives worthy resistance to the champion, it will be an excellent push in his boxing career.

How did Mikhail Aloyan comment on the upcoming fight?

Mikhail Aloyan shared his expectations and opinions about the upcoming standoff against world champions WBO Zolani Tete.
“I’m maximally tuned to this fight. If I’m going to box for the world title in this super series, then you have to give 100%. To compete in such a competition is very prestigious. Now, in any case, you can not overestimate or underestimate your opponent. I was only determined to win. If you do not think about winning the championship, then why go to the ring at all? It would be pointless. In this case, you get either nothing or all at once. If you need victory, you dream of glory – win. This is the basic rule, which I try to adhere to always. If I did not feel that I have all the chances to become a champion, I would not get involved in it at all. When I received an offer to enter the ring in the second season, I immediately agreed. I have the right age and experience for this kind of competition. Refuse such a chance to become a champion, there is no need “- commented Mikhail Aloyan.

How did Zolani Tete comment on the upcoming fight?

The current world champion in the WBO bantamweight version commented on the upcoming fight with Mikhail Aloyan.

“My rival is a strong and very smart boxer who showed excellent results in an amateur career. It does not need to be underestimated, since in this super series all boxers are the best. It can not be otherwise. I am very glad that I will meet in the ring with Mikhail Aloyan. How do I feel about the fact that the battle will be held in Russia? Whoever would not come into the ring against me, I’m always ready and confident in myself 100%. I am very much looking forward to fighting with my rival in the Russian Federation. He moves well, his legs are well set and his left hook is excellent. I think he will be well prepared for the upcoming fight. I, too, will be diligently preparing to make our rivalry beautiful and interesting. Now I’m working on my speed and I hope that my opponent can not even get to me. I’ll be faster than bullets and wind. Who do I consider the favorite of this championship? For me personally – this is Inoue “- commented Zolani Tete.

Coefficients of battle Zolani Tete vs Mikhail Aloyan

In this fight bookmakers give preference to the world champion from South Africa. This is logical, given that this boxer is tempered and has a huge experience in professional battles. To win Zolani Tete the coefficient is 1.26, while the success of the boxer from Russia Mikhail Aloyan coefficient is 3.7

Our forecast for the fight Zolani Tete vs Mikhail Aloyan

The fight against Zolani Tete is another challenge for boxer Mikhail Aloyan. In this case, the Russian boxer will have to prove that excellent skills as an amateur are in no way inferior to the experience of a professional world champion. The main trump cards of the South African are 30 distinct battles, as well as shock power, which is perfectly set in the process of training a professional. Mikhail Aloyan will need to try to adapt to the new conditions of the battle in the ring. As for the style of fighting Mikhail Aloyan, she likes the audience very much. There is also good protection with dives, and slopes, and a half-open stance. In addition, the Russian boxer has a good game from the distance and a great timing of the blows. It was all these qualities that helped to achieve victories in previous battles, the only nuance that they all ended in victory on points. Mikhail Aloyan does not concentrate only on knockout, he constantly uses his dead left hand in strikes. So far, it has not been possible to effectively finish fights in the professional ring, but a boxer of such a high enough rank will certainly find his chance. Zolani Tete underestimate it makes no sense. The Russian boxer understands this well, as can be seen from his comments on the upcoming battle. The South African, who has 21 knock-outs, is very dangerous and strong. In addition, Zolani Tete is preparing for battle, is working out its speed. The fact that the fight will be conducted on the territory of Russia inspires confidence in the Russian boxer. Mikhail Aloyan likes to work with the first number, he hopes that the support of fans will help him a lot.






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