Jack Catterall Biography

Jack Catterall is a rising superstar in professional boxing, which gives huge hopes for the championship level. The left-hander, who was born on July 1, 1993 in the UK, Lancshire. Despite his young age, the boxer has already achieved record successes in his professional career. He won the welterweight title in 2014 in Central Asia, the European WBO welterweight title in 2014-2016, and the international WBO super lightweight title from 2015 and today. This is a fairly serious bid for the world title.

Despite the fact that Jack Catterall was still a very young boxer, he was noticed and invited to be a sparring partner for Floyd Mayweather, who was facing a fight with Manny Pacquiao in May 2015. In the ring, Jack Catterall wears the nickname “El Gato”. It was this nickname in the whole world that he earned after a magnificent victory over Thomas Stalker 4 years ago, in October. After that, he managed to win with a knockout blow over Argentine Cesar David Inalef, which helped him to get the title Intercontinental. Later, Jack Catterall defended this title in a duel against Gabriel Fernando Punealfa Calfin.

Next was a duel for the intercontinental title of WBO, where Jack Catterall had a great series of punches in the direction of Jarkko Putconona, which brought him the victory at an away match. In December 2015 at the Manchester Arena took place another loud confrontation between Jack Catterall and Noe Nunez, where the boxer came out the winner. The year 2016 was also good for Jack Catterall. A series of victorious battles continued. This year, Jack Catterall held three victorious fights, which include two defenses against Joe Hughes and Lukas Janik. After Jack began to work with the new coach, he had a fight with Diego Gonzalo Luque – this duel was also victorious.

Talented and experienced Jack Catterall is increasingly thinking about big and famous battles, participation in which will allow him to establish himself at the world level and become the best boxer in the world.

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