John Molina Biography

John Molina from the beginning already had a knockout ability that prevented his rivals. Born in California. In the career there are both UPS and downs. But everything in order.
Always went to the front, a very purposeful boxer. Despite the fact that he was pursued by a series of setbacks lately, californica noted his desire to become the best in the world. His love of sports was instilled in him by his father and grandfather. During his studies at school, Boxing was not in the first place for him. He was engaged in parallel wrestling and track and field athletics. In 2001, when the school had to say goodbye, he was in a tight Boxing.

His first Amateur fight he held in 2002. After his record was 22-2 of which 17 ended in a knockout, the title of Golden gloves California, he was recognized as a professional. John Molina held his professional bout in March 2006. The opponent was Lester Balmore.
Despite a little Amateur experience, Molina moved quickly through her career as a young professional. After victories in the first 7 fights, he felt great pride. In 2012, September 8, John managed to win his first world title, defeating his rival Antonio DeMarco in light weight.

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