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Ohara Davies is a young and promising boxer who tries to beat himself a bright way in professional boxing. Briton, who fights in light and super lightweight. The reputation of his strong blow grows with every fight.

The undefeated 24-year-old boxer has already managed to stop 9 of 11 professional opponents, and also managed to win the English title in lightweight. At the very beginning of his journey, when there was a transition to super light weight, he was very cautious about his rivals, which were Dave Ryan and Sean Dodd. Repeatedly voiced intimidating words against them, and now he managed to consolidate these statements with a decisive victory over the great Zoltan Szabo. After an exclusive interview, we managed to learn a bit about the biography of Ohara Davies.

Was born in Hackney. He grew up in the same place. Initially, the path in boxing was given very hard, since there were no opportunities that exist today. In his youth, Ohara Davies often encountered street gangs whose behavior culture desired the best. Today, his hometown is changing and getting better, the culture of people is growing, the city is becoming positive, but the gangster syndicate is not completely eradicated. Hackney is the eastern part of London, England.

As a youngster, Ohara Davies went to the youth boxing club in Hackney. The hall visited every day, since he had no other occupation in life. Every Wednesday in the hall appeared the boxing trainer, who gave instructions and correct advice, taught to box, to keep a blow. It was like Ohara Davies, so he visited the hall every day from week to week. After some time, the coach noticed a young and promising boxer, after which Ohara Davies could not say goodbye to the boxing world, this sport became his life. Initially, the coach told Ohara Davies that he is a special fighter who will have a great future, but the rest of the guys in the hall he said that Ohara Davies does not represent anything of himself. In fact, at the very beginning, Ohara did very bad things, in sparring almost always defeated, but over time everything changed. He was not like other boxers, he had his own style, which later made him a special rival.

Ohara Davies has a character trait such as perseverance. It was this that separated him from other people who are connected somehow with boxing. The gym was his life, and it was perseverance and perseverance that forced Ohara Davies to attend the boxing hall. His first fight was in Luton, where he could see how the boxer is very worried. As it became known, coach Ohara Davies deceived him, saying that his opponent also had the first fight with me. However, as it became known later, in the opponent Davies it was already the 5th or 6th fight. Then the battle ended in the third round victory Ohara Davies.

The boxer has his own style. This is a universal boxer, who usually initially tries to adapt to his opponent, use the opponent’s mistakes against himself, waiting for a good moment. Before each fight, he thoroughly studies his opponent, and then successfully adapts to his style. If we talk about the weaknesses of Ohara Davies, then immediately you can note the movement of the legs and the head of the boxer. Today, the athlete is actively trying to improve these weaknesses.

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