Toto Helebhe Biography

Toto Helebhe – a professional acting boxer, currently serving in the bantamweight. He was born in Cala, Eastern Cape, South Africa. In the world of boxing, he won the pseudonym Gugs Gang. As a professional boxer he debuted on May 21, 2005. Currently, he has 19 victorious battles, 9 of which he completed with knockouts. In addition, he defeated 7 times in the ring in the form of a loss.

From a young age Toto Helebhe drew attention to boxing, and began to visit the ring and densely engage in this sport. After he managed to defeat Sebe Nguema (one of the most significant victories of this boxer), Toto Helebhe became one of the most popular and sought-after boxers in South Africa. However, this victory and His Majesty did not last long, since in September 2017 he received a serious hand injury. Then Toto Helebhe wanted to enter the international arena and show off.

The boxer explained this desire by the fact that it is easier for him to fight in another country, since the opponent probably will not know his style of combat and technique. Not so long ago, this boxer was seriously injured with a knife, intervening in a quarrel in the street of his native city. After this incident, Toto Helebhe was forced to suspend his career as a boxer until full recovery. Today Toto Helebhe has already fully recovered and is ready to hold on October 5, 2018 a fight with rival from the UK Josh Wale. You can watch boxing Josh Wale vs Toto Helebhe live stream here.

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