Victor Ortiz Biography

Victor Ortiz – boxer in the Middleweight division of the United States, which in 2011 won the title of world champion. Born in garden city, 1987. Grew up in a poor family. I started Boxing because I really wanted to please my father an alcoholic, and also to protect myself from bullies at school. In 17 years moved into the category of professionals. In 2011 he won the title of champion, but in the same year he lost the title, losing in the confrontation with Floyd Mayweather. Childhood have this boxer was very heavy. In his early years, his mother left him, and he remained in the hands of his father, an alcoholic. The boxer lived in a trailer without electricity and worked in the corn plantations, to earn money which was enough only for food. After his father died, he was adopted by his older sister Carmen and the boy moved to Denver. Later Ortiz said that all these difficulties helped him to succeed in the future.

After a while, boxer’s talents were recognized by professionals, which led him to success in this sport. The Manager of the gym, where he trained Ortiz became his second father. Strong mentoring and talent helped Ortiz achieve tremendous heights in the Boxing world. During training in the Boxing center of the salvation Army in Denver, Ortiz got the attention of heavyweight Ron Lyle, it was under his leadership in 16 years boxer was able to win the youth Olympic title with a record 5-0 in the 132-pound division. A year later, in California, under the patronage of Robert Garcia, he began to train in his gym. It was Garcia who became his legal guardian.

His professional career began with easy victories, and in 2008 he was recognized by ESPN as a promising Boxing fighter of the year. 3 years later, the boxer was able to meet all expectations and after a unanimous decision of the judges was able to win Andre Berto title in the Welterweight division (5 months later he lost the title)


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